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    Do you offer delivery?

    Our cleanses are only Cape Town based. Maximum delivery is within 20km from our location and is delivered by Uber. Delivery arrangements are scheduled when you have paid for you cleanse and have received an order number.

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    We offer the option of fresh, daily collection for those who have limited fridge space and want their juices to be kept as fresh as possible. Otherwise you can collect your full cleanse upfront. Collection arrangements will be scheduled when you have paid for you cleanse and have received an order number. Cleanse collections are from our store location: 211 Long Street, Cape Town. Collections from 8.20am.

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    When will I receive my cleanse after I’ve made payment?

    We aim to have all cleanses packed and ready to go within 48 hours of payment but due to the volume of bookings this is not always possible. Once you’ve made payment and have received an order number please contact us to finalize the date + delivery/collection arrangements of your booking.

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  •  Tips

    Tips to assist your cleanse

    Drink lots of water to assist in the flushing out of toxins and to keep your body hydrated
    Drink peppermint tea as scheduled or whenever you feel your digestion is playing up
    Drink Ginger tea if you feel nauseous (slice up the ginger fine and add hot water & lemon)
    Schedule a colonic to help assist your body with flushing out stored toxins.
    Have a sauna or a mustard/Epsom salt bath to assist detoxification.
    Dry brush daily to increase circulation and to promote lymphatic drainage
    Exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system to expel toxins more effectively

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Once you have made payment you will receive an order number with contact details to schedule your cleanse date

  • 1-day activation cleanse

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  • 3-day activation cleanse

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  • A broad spectrum nutritional program designed for the newbies entering the cleansing arena. This cleanse will welcome you with open arms and change your ideas on cleansing forever. The activation cleanse has been engineered to initiate gentle detoxification and nutritionally supercharge your system.